Sunday, 28 June 2015

Beinaheleidenschaftgegenstand: Dead Air (Non-Bio remix)

Last month the animated video for Dead Air went live. Two days ago the remix by Non-Bio also got a video; this version is longer than the original track and required additional animated footage, which is why it took longer to complete visually!

Both versions of the song are still available to download on the album Dead Cities via Bandcamp.

The video beetle

After a hiatus from circuit-bending projects, I returned this month with my first attempt at 'video bending'; the modification of a device to produce corrupted visual nonsense. This particular one began life as a Spiderman plug 'n' play TV game, which can be connected to the composite RGB input of any display device. Connecting it to a projector, this could be a useful addition to future Non-Bio gigs, generating live video as an alternative to pre-recorded loops.