Thursday, 2 April 2015

Two new recordings you should know about

It pleases me to tell you today that Beinaheleidenschaftgegenstand have released a new album Dead Cities which you can download for free here.

You may notice that Non-Bio have a remix on there! A video for the track (the original and the remix) is in production right now and will appear online in the coming weeks.

By an odd coincidence, today also sees the release of Blueberry. This is the second album recorded by Gardner+Salnikov; a collaborative project between myself and MOX Salnikov. The music is all improvised and made using gadgets such as samplers, phones, a Kaoss Pad and circuit bent toys and some of the album was taped as we performed it to an audience with looped video projections at the Blueberry Bar in Shoreditch - hence the album's title.

This album is also free to download and you are invited to get it here: