Thursday, 31 October 2013


Medicinema, the first release from Non-Bio's next album (due at some point next year) is now launched.

Watch the video!

Direct link to Youtube page:

Download it free (inclusing X-KiN's wonderful B-side remix) from Bandcamp!

This song is not in any way related to anything else called Medicinema

Monday, 29 July 2013

Review in Side-Line

Some excitement yesterday, as Side-Line webzine published a review of The Game:

In related news, The Game is now also available on Amazon and iTunes.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

From Russia with 'meh'

Lots of Non-Bio news all of a sudden today:

The first review of The Game EP is now online at However I'm a bit disappointed the two reviewers only gave it 4 and 4.5 stars out of ten. I ran the article through Google translation tool, but much of it came out as gibberish so I'm not entirely sure what they disliked about my music. Oh well. I know there are definitely some Russians who enjoy my music and I'm still waiting to see how it fares with English speaking reviewers; I'll keep my fingers crossed they like it better.

I got some much better news a couple of hours later: a track I recently made called "Placenta of the Universe" is being included on a compilation album, released by Brownian (e)Motion. This track's a foray back into the rhythmic noise genre; a style which I embraced in my early days of making music but have mostly neglected since 2010. It was quite nice to work in that style again! I haven't yet had a chance to download the compilation but it's here on Bandcamp - hopefully I will be able to listen to most of it tonight when I get home.

The new video is still coming on: here's the first special effects test footage I've produced:

And finally: a new toy!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

circuit Bending 3

Non-Bio's new band member passes its initiation.

Direct link to Youtube page:

Please note this video isn't a comprehensive how-to guide for circuit bending; it's more of a vague overview of what to expect. I've intentionally left some details out because half the fun of circuit bending is to research/discover the specific 'bends' for yourself but this might (or might not) set you off in the right direction.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Collaborative EP

Fans of Non-Bio's more experimental output will be pleased to know that we've recently teamed up with Tooth Kink (who we met at our Scream Lounge gig earlier in the year), DPRSSN and Matthew Anderson to create this two track EP (they're fairly long tracks).

You can download it from here:
Track 1: The Perfect example of Resurrection Failure
Track 2: Monotropic Societies


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Non-Bio Press Release - The Game EP

London-based industrialists Non-Bio are proud to announce the launch of The Game, a new four track EP and their first release since 2011. This EP marks a move away from the experimental sound of the Blue Horned Humanoids album and into more accessible territory for a wider audience.

The Game is available through Downloads are free, although visitors are encouraged to pay how much they feel the EP is worth. A limited number of compact disc editions can also be purchased through this page, priced at £3 each (plus postage and packing). Being a true multimedia project since its inception, Non-Bio has also released a video for the EP’s title track, which can be viewed here:

Non-Bio consists of founder Howard Gardner (programming, electronics, VJing and vocals) and Karl Lloyd of X-KiN fame (live synth, samples and backing vocals). Influences include Wumpscut, Noisuf-X, Skinny Puppy, Sheep On Drugs and Aphex Twin. Non-Bio hopes to schedule some more live shows later in the year and is recording material for a new album due for release in 2014.

Further details about Non-Bio can be found online through the official page at
Mrs Vee Recordings site:

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Game EP

Non-Bio's new release is now available as a download or limited edition CD!

Get it here

The download costs £1.00
If you click through onto the page there are also ordering details for the CD (£3.00 + postage and packing)

And of course, don't forget that music video!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Collaborative work

During the gig last month at the Scream Lounge Non-Bio got chatting to Mischa MOX Salnikov about industrial music and in the weeks since a collaboration was born - check out the new track here:

In other news, the new Non-Bio EP is currently being manufactured and should be available as a CD and download before Easter! Watch this space.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Non-Bio at the Scream Lounge

I think the Scream Lounge gig generally surpassed the first one. This is primarily because we'd had more time to get comfortable with the material and (in my case) overcome initial nerves and also because - being on my home turf - we were able to pull in a bit more of a local crowd.

Marta kindly recorded four of our six songs:




The Game

I did get film of the other bands too (Dominic Hemy, Gimnastic, Daniel Vincent and MOX Salnikov) but I think this post's getting a bit cluttered now with video panels - you can see the full collection here on my Youtube channel. And of course I should mention that the whole event was an album launch party in honour of Daniel Vincent's new release The Enemy Game - full details of that here - it's very good.

So yeah, a very successful night, and I DJed for an hour after after the bands had all finished.