Sunday, 6 January 2013

Non-Bio at the Scream Lounge

I think the Scream Lounge gig generally surpassed the first one. This is primarily because we'd had more time to get comfortable with the material and (in my case) overcome initial nerves and also because - being on my home turf - we were able to pull in a bit more of a local crowd.

Marta kindly recorded four of our six songs:




The Game

I did get film of the other bands too (Dominic Hemy, Gimnastic, Daniel Vincent and MOX Salnikov) but I think this post's getting a bit cluttered now with video panels - you can see the full collection here on my Youtube channel. And of course I should mention that the whole event was an album launch party in honour of Daniel Vincent's new release The Enemy Game - full details of that here - it's very good.

So yeah, a very successful night, and I DJed for an hour after after the bands had all finished.