Friday, 30 December 2011

Hostile Bone Structure

WARNING: If you're sensitive to flashing images, you probably shouldn't watch this as it contains loads!
Track 9 from the album Blue Horned Humanoids, and the first Non-Bio vid to be entirely Flash animated.
Or watch it on my website in its original Flash format:

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Shot at dawn

Just after sunrise this morning, Marius and I decided to use the eerie quietness of Croydon on Christmas Day to make a new Non-Bio video.

And here it is.

Direct link to Youtube page:

Sunday, 4 December 2011

New Non-Bio reviews

The album has been reviewed and given a not-shabby score of three and a half out of five!

Short but sweet! Full details of the magazine here.

Interesting that they mentioned Microsleep, as Music For Maniacs liked that track too and have put it on their latest free download compilation.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Non-Bio goes all political

Earlier this month, while I was at Whitby Gothic Weekend, I did some recording in our holiday cottage with Spucktute. This is what we came up with:

Down With Freedom (feat. Spucktute) by Non-Bio

I don't normally put out music which is political, or at least not to this degree! I chose the domain "downwithfreedom" for my website because I thought it sounded absurd, a nonsensical political slogan for somebody hopelessly confused (although admittedly it has been seen in other contexts since then!) In any case, it inspired this song title and, having watched the news quite a lot this month, with uprisings continuing to be suppressed in Syria and Egypt and on Wall Street too, so I can't help but feel it's very apt right now.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Blue Horned humanoids now for sale on CD

Yes, after a slight delay, here it is on good old fashioned shiny disc.

From here (courtesy of Burning Shed).

Monday, 10 October 2011

Blue Horned Humanoids Teaser

coming on the 15th October to:

Amazon -

iTunes -

Napster -

Spottify -

There will also be a limited number of CD digipaks to own, exact details of these to follow soon. It's also remotely possible I'll be wandering around Cybersonik Festival at the Camden Underworld that evening with a few copies in hand, hijacking other people's gig to cynically whore my own worthless music.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

ZSM: Upload 2011

A Non-Bio track (lovingly remixed by Spucktute) features on the new compilation album released a few days ago by Zero State Media.

I will also mention that I did the cover art.

Get the album here FOR FREE:

1. Zero State - Amon Zero
2. What's Wrong - Kommand + Kontrol
3. Consequence - DeathBoy
4. Megacube (Spucktute remix) - Non-Bio
5. Deaths A Cummin - Jesus Hooligan
6. 2042 - Xykogen
7. Time For Evolution 0.1 - LXPK
8. Bright Morning (pre-emptive strike) - temp0rary
9. Ukele Fragments (errata) - Stuart Boldt
10. Sad - NAME
11. Interface - Alan Dobson
12. The Fall - Prompter
13. Divide By Zero - I am Immune
14. Credit Crunch Blues - Bleak
15. Bridging The Gap - One Love Sound System
16. Gate-Beyond - Kynesis
17. Blockhead - Rural War Room
18. Self-Soothe Mechanism - raelism

There is more forthcoming news about Non-Bio. I'll be making a proper announcement soon, but for now keep 15TH OCTOBER in your minds.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


A taste for you of the Non-Bio album, which should be out later this year!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Circuit Bending 2

showing off the latest customised noise-making gadget of Non-Bio's: a Super Speak & Spell!

Non-Bio review (better translation this time!)

Many thanks to Silvia Pizzini for this version, which makes a fair bit more sense than before! Original review here: The Londoner Howard is a multi talented artist, being a veteran of underground cinematographic experimentation and video projects, both as producer and animator.The two EPs that I chose to review jointly are the result of a musical enterprise called Non-Bio, undertaken individually by Howard in the field of experimental minimal-electro/industrial. Under the label Mrs Vee Recordings, the work proposes itself as a crossover between the two different aspects, often complementary, that characterize the avant-garde universe: the association of visual media and sound, typically cold and evocative, whose combined synergy strengthens both the images observed and the sound structure offered. The visual art of Non-Bio's repertory is conceived like a sequence of slow frames, often in black and white mode, immortalizing derelict architectural details, contemporary and ancient, androids' visions, natural landscapes interpreted with glacial eyes and mind, together with a progression of decadent industrial allegories full of neo-symbolism. For an in depth analysis of the two EPs, I'll begin with the début entitled 'Pillar of Salt'; its first offer is the bloodless particle of 'Travellator', an alienating assemblage of synth and filtered percussions; followed by the equally minimalistic 'Mutoid Man', track of robotic vocal incitations surrounded by primary electro-industrial pulsations. 'Telomere (part I)' disseminates attenuated rhythmic jolts and abrasive keyboard propagations, concepts that continue in the corresponding 'Telomere (part II)', also sinisterly orchestrated by a venomous and skeletal synth. The homonymous 'Pillar of Salt' channels an array of cold and dry sounds and melodies, together with inexpressive flashes of voice on misty synth filters, and concludes the first EP. Now is the turn of 'Megacube', the most recent of Non-Bio's discography: in this act the sonic constructions undergo a dynamic variation concerning rhythmic mobility, which becomes sustained and danceable, despite being surrounded by an almost inhuman anti-melodic background. 'Megacube' is also the first of the tracks, which offers to the listener a circular module of programming, vocal loops and electronic interferences; the following 'Zen Spiders' emits slow, hypnotic waves of sound which is opaque and vaguely eastern, percussed by an anaemic e-drumming. 'Tomorrow's Another Day' prefers an almost drum'n'bass solution, with a verbose arpeggio of chords minimally sustained by synth. More fleshy, 'Polybius", final track, combines sound with further electronic elaborations, snappy rhythms and hisses of sequenced voice. The musical approach of Non-Bio is a singular event to experience holistically, merging, as a unified sense, sight and hearing. The indissoluble dialogue between the images born of Howard's creativity and the sounds he creates, seduces and engages the mind, influences and fascinates the imagination. For exclusive use of the post-modernist microcosm. Micrometric acoustics animated by video illustrations, minimalistic strategies accomplished with sobriety yet at the same time complex and tortuous. Non-Bio demands an erudite public, keen on musical experimenting and possessing a flexible mind, in order to fully internalize the messages conveyed. The soundtrack of futuristic dreams.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Non-Bio review

Wowzer! My music has been reviewed by this Italian webzine - they contacted me via my Myspace page towards the end of last year and asked if I could send them some CDs and I'd pretty much forgotten about them until today. I put the text through a free web page translator and this is what came out: In reality the Londoner Howard is a poivalente man from the artistic point of view, being he veteran from underground cinematographic experiments united to realizations video is in the producer role that entertainer. These two EPs that I have chosen to join in an only book review are the result of the musical exercise called Non-Bio, undertaken individually from Howard in the within of the sort minimal-electro/industrial experience them. It fires both to you from label the Mrs Vee Recordings the jobs listens to you are proposed which crocevia between two different aspects, often complementary, that they characterize the avanguardistico universe, that is the associations of visuals mediated us to a sound-system cold and typically evocative whose joint actions upgrade vicendevolmente are the observed images that the proposed sonic structures. The figurative art of the repertorio Non-Bio is conceived like a disc of a valve concatenation photograms, sovente in modality black & white, immortalant the empty architectonic, contemporary and antichi details, natural visions of androids, scenes interprets from glacial eyes and mind to you, beyond to one succession of decadent allegorie industrial colme of neo-simbolismo. Deepening the analysis turned to the two EPs, I begin with the description of the debut of five traces titolato "Pillar Of Salt" that offers esangue the particle "Travellator at first", an alienor assemblage between synth and filtered percussività, to which the subentra equally minibadly "Mutoid Man", trace from robotike the vocal incitations encircled from essential pulsations electro-industrial. "Telomere (part I)" diffuses attenuated to ritmiche jolt and rough propagations of keyboard, concepts that prolonged in the correspondent "Telomere (part II)", anch'essa left orchestrated from a velenifero synthetismo and ossuto. Omonima "the Pillar Of Salt" canalizes a corollario of sounds and melodie from the polar, dry touch, united to inespressivi flashes of voice on brumo filterings of synth that they conclude the race of the first one EP. E' hour the turn of "Megacube", that is the more recent production of the discografia Non-Bio: in this action the sonorous constructions endure one dynamics variation for how much also concern antimelodico dance ritmica mobility that becomes supported very more and remaining surrounded from background and in many features cruel. "Megacube" is also the first episode of the track-list that it turns to I listen to a circular module of programming, loops vocal and electronic interferences, therefore as the successive "Zen Spiders" emits disc of a valve, ipnotiche big waves of opaque and vaguely orientaleggiante sound percosso from an anemic one e-drumming. "Tomorrow's Another Day" nearly preprefers solutions drum'n'bass played arpeggios from one rindondante scale of agreements supported minimalmente from the synth. More corposa, "Polybius", final, integral to the sound ulterior electronic, ritmica trace releasing and sibili elaborations of sequenziata voice. The conceived approach with the mu sica from Non-Bio is a singular experience living entire combining, like was an only sensor, the visual and auditory apparatus the inscindibile dialogue between the images gushed from the inventiveness of Howard and the sonorità from he created irretisce and engages the mind, suggestiona and fascinates the fantasy. To exclusive use of the post-modernista microcosm. -|-|-" Acoustic micrometric animated from video-illustrations, electronic strategies minimalmente realized with sobrità but to the same moment complex and tortuose. Non-Bio demands a public erudite, inclined to the esperienziale musicalità and equipped of flexible mind in order to interiorize fully the messages it communicates to you. La colonna sonora per sogni avveniristici. I'm still scratching my head trying to work out what this translation means! Does anybody speak Italian out there who is willing to help? There's a pint in it for you?

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Tomorrow's Another Day

... is the new video from Non-Bio's new EP Megacube
Download the EP for free from Mrs Vee Recordings Other tracks and videos here on Last FM